Instore radio, Premium web radio or brand radio for patisseries & bakeries.

The best music experience for your customers.

Don’t matter if we talk about a cupcake or a coffee, a biscuit or an happy hour, a cookie or a complete meal, the background music must be excellent for the spot.

Don’t you think it will be better if the music change automatically during the day? We can choose different moods for the different moments of the daytime, breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner.

It’s important to choose the correct music background to increase the chances that the customer will spend more time in the location.

It’s easy to choose the right music for patisseries and bakeries

With Sounstrack24.com  you can choose the right  moods designed for your company, constantly updated and the right communications for your brand.

Do you prefer a customized music mood?

You can choose our Brand Radio package.

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